TachoTinta is an initiative of Silvia Ehnis Perez Duarte to bring together dance makers and movers to collaborate in temporal alliances with musicians and media artists in order to develop and challenge the creative potential of the body. Together they search for innovative approaches to rethink and empower contemporary dance as a sensorial medium of communication between people.

The international ensemble varies according to each specific project, which goes from productions and workshops up to artistic research and social projects. Since 2015, TachoTinta has been the frame for encounters of the founding members: Mijin Kim, Sooyeon Kim, Mirjam Schirk, Seulki Hwang and Silvia Ehnis plus more than 15 artists from different backgrounds.

With the short piece “Re: moment” TachoTinta was selected for the residence format “Inkubator 2017” in Tanzfaktur and as artist-in-residency in ZAIK. This piece has been invited to different festivals in Germany and South Korea. The the short piece “Ms. Mon” co-produced by tanz.tausch – tanz und performance festival, has been invited to different festivals such as tanz.tausch 2017 at the Alte Feuerwache Theater in Cologne and Now & Next 2018 in Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf. 

TachoTinta participated in festivals and formats such as Cheers for fears (2018), Kölner Theaternacht (2016/2017), feldstärke (2016) at Pact Zollverein, Essen; Rundgang (2016) and Ad Hoc Festival (2014/2015) at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne KHM; Junge Choreographen (2014) at the Contemporary Dance Center of the University of Music and Dance Cologne. Their work has been also presented at the studiobühneköln, FORUM VHS in Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum and Kulturbunker Köln-Müllheim.