Silvia Ehnis Perez Duarte

Silvia Ehnis Portrait

Silvia Ehnis … according to Seulki Hwang

“Silvia Ehnis was born in Mexico, I think in Mexico City, in 03.07.1985. She is a dancer living in Cologne who studied I don’t know exactly which university but she majored in classical ballet in Mexico and she began contemporary dance in Germany in ZZT. She is now working with us and sometimes works in the office in ZAIK. She joined last week the project Surround from Tim
Behren and Ms.Mon and Re:moment from TachoTinta. She is passion, Eagle, warmth. Her perfect job would be a career in management. Her greatest achievement until now is that she created a great dance collective called Tacho Tinta, have always been ahead of the hard work for Tacho Tinta. Favorite childhood toy was a cat and I think something like a small instrument? Her shoe size is 42? 43? Her hidden talent is when she is on the stage, she has enormous concentration and beautiful presence, it takes the attention of the audience. She likes to walk, loves cats and jazz music, the moment with friends and drinks. Her hobbies are read book …..? She doesn’t like to ride a bicycle and actually I think she has nothing she doesn’t like…? In 2020 she will be working with us continue and organizing auditions for new dancers and thinking about choreography for the 2020 big project from TachoTinta.”

Silvia Ehnis Pérez Duarte is a Mexican dancer and choreographer, living in Cologne since 2012. As a dancer, she has worked productions, artlabs and research projects with a.o. Stephanie Thiersch, Kollektiv Zoo, Didier Therón, Overhead Project, Cheers for Fears, and Johnny Lloyd among others. Her choreographic work is inspired by the different aspects of “community and shared experiences” both in practice and in discourse and has been presented in Mexico, Germany and South Korea.  She was supported by tanz.tausch festival in 2017 as part of the format “Young Talents”. 

She is a founding member and artistic direction of TachoTinta.
She is part of the artists’ collective inability crew.

In her work with TachoTinta, she initiates, co-creates and/or performs in several pieces and projects. She searches for collaborations with other artists and different types of projects and formats since she has a strong inclination to understand and live within plurality. This has allowed TachoTinta to join the work of other artists such as Kollektiv Zoo.

She studied the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance at the Center of Contemporary Dance from the University of Music and Dance in Cologne, Germany and the Bachelor in Political Sciences and Public Administration in the Faculty for Social and Political Sciences at UNAM in Mexiko City.

She works at ZAIK where she co-curates several dance formats in Cologne, such as the professional training for local dancers and the Residency Program in Dance-Atelier 0.10 at Quartier am Hafen

Other works & projects:
Ahwash Ritual/Ritual/Artistic Practice – Artlab
A research project about the dance practices related to the Ahwash ritual in Agdz, Morocco. In the frame of the DAAD Cooperation Project “University Dialogues with the Islamic World: The atlas– workshops from Agdz, Morocco, model region for the scientific and cultural dialogue”. 
Timeframe September and December 2016 with following project in 2017-2018.

Silvia Ehnis Portrait 
Foto (C) Marcos Angeloni

The neighbor ́s window
Creation / Performance
A music-dance piece in the frame of City Dances 2016 from Stephanie Tiersch/Mouvoir. Collaboration with the composer Maximiliano Estudies. Premiere on 3.10.2016, Cologne.

Foto © Marcos Angeloni | 2016

Study Cheers for fears 2016 2 1024x683 - Silvia Ehnis Perez Duarte

Study: Looking for the creature between the adult and the father
Creation / Performance
Dance solo. Presented at Cheers for Fears Festival and PACT Zollverein in the Frame of “Feldstärke”.
Premiere on 19.3.2016, Ringlokschuppen Mülheim an der Ruhr

Foto © Stephan Gagla | 2016

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