Mijin Kim

Portrait Mijin Kim from TachoTinta

Mijin Kim …according to Silvia Ehnis

Mijin Kim was born in South Korea, I think Daegu in 1991. She is a dancer living in Cologne who studied at Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz in Germany. She works with Overhead Project in the production “Surround” and in their new production. She also danced in “Re: moment” from TachoTinta and in a project with some photographer in Island. She is quiet, strong and a rubik cube. Her perfect job would be an art project with visual artists, organized in such way that allows her to have enough free time for herself. Her greatest achievement until now is overpass the identity crisis she had and discover her strength. No idea which was her favorite childhood toy. Her shoe size is 36 I think. Her hidden talent is to give massages and she likes to role cigarets. Her hobby is to photograph with her phone. She doesn’t like to gossip. In 2020 she will be dancing for a renown choreographer in Belgium. 

Mijin Kim was born in South Korea and currently lives in Germany. Her dance education began in Daegu, South Korea and took her all the way to Cologne, Germany where she received her Bachelor in Dance at the Center for Contemporary Dance from the University of Music and Dance Cologne.

In her work with TachoTinta, both as a dancer and choreographer, Mijin Kim embraces philosophical approaches to the self-framed in the beauty of being human. She initiated and choreographed the short piece 4self. She also conceptualized, co-created and performs the piece Re: moment. This piece was invited to several festivals in South Korea and Germany such as the 19. International Dance Festival in Daegu, South Korea and Input Festival in Cheongju, South Korea; and (Rhein)fach and Made in Köln in Cologne, Germany.

Mijin Kim works also with Overhead Project under the direction of Tim Behren and Florian Patschovsky. She has worked with Emanuel Gat and Michael Löhr, Dwayne Holliday, Jung Chan and Sorn. She has a strong interest in visual arts and constantly searches for alliances between dance and visual arts.

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