Seulki Hwang

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Seulki Hwang  according to Mijin Kim

Seulki Hwang was born in South Korea, Ilsan in 1989, I think in Normeber. She is a dancer living in Cologne. I don’t know which university, but she studied Korean dance for one year at a university in Korea and she graduated from the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Köln, Germany. She works with us in the “Tachotinta”, and also at the Korean restaurant “Youns”. She danced in Re:moment, Ms.Mon from TachoTinta and “Fledermaus” from Oper Köln.  She is cordial, funny, animalistic. Her perfect job would be a cook chef. Her greatest achievement until now is that she recently passed the Folkwang Universität der Künste Master course examination. I don’t know her favorite childhood toy, but maybe Babi.  Her shoe size is 36. I think, she has a great passion hidden inside her and If you have the opportunity to put her passion, her passion will give her more talent. She likes dancing on stage and love with Vincent (her boyfriend) and cooking. She likes trendy things but not just about fashion also about the young trends of society these days. Her hobbies are I think are Cooking and Watch drama or movie. I think, She does not like to be stressed and does not like to drink drunk and silverfishes. I think, she is going to marry in 2020 and she is studying master in Germany and she will learn a lot through master study and try her own new work.

Seulki Hwang was born in South Korea and currently lives in Germany. Her dance education had a diverse path which started in the Korean traditional dance at the Daejin University and brought her all the way to studying contemporary dance at the Center for Contemporary Dance from the University of Music and Dance Cologne. She is part of the Master Program in Dance Interpretation at the Folkwang University. 

Her collaboration with Silvia Ehnis goes before the foundation of TachoTinta. She was part of different researches and unfinished pieces which all worked as background for the ensemble. In TachoTinta, Seulki Hwang has co-created and performed different pieces and projects such as Ms. Mon, entre, Re: moment, Liquid Rondo, Solo para los presentes and 16 free willies. 

Seulki Hwang participates in the collaborations between TachoTinta and other collectives and productions such as Kollektiv ZOO and wyst. She has worked with Emanuel Gat and Michael Löhr, Didier Théron, Susanne Grau and in productions a the Oper Köln. 

Contact: Email  | Instagram: seulk2i