Sooyeon Kim

Sooyeon Kim was born in South Korea and currently lives in Germany. Her dance education began in Busan, South Korea. During this period she was awarded several prizes including she Gold Preis at the Youngnam Dance Festival. She moved to Germany to continue her dance education at the Center for Contemporary Dance from the University of Music and Dance Cologne.  

In TachoTinta, Sooyeon Kim performed in 16 free willies, 4self, and haptic. She was outside eye for Re: moment . She initiated and co-created the short piece Ms. Mon, co-produced by tanz.tausch Festival in Cologne. Her short pieces have been invited twice to the NRW Solo-Duo Festival. 

Sooyeon Kim also works with Emanuele Soavi incompany and with Anna Konjetzky. In the past she has worked with Shumpei Nemoto and Sita Ostheimer among others. 


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