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entre b / entre c

Choreography & Video Research
Work – in – progress

Photo from company TachoTinta, choreography Re: moment

Re: moment

Three bodies and a 10-meter rope: a system in a fragile equilibrium Each performer is exposed to her own body, her weight, her strength, and her will, engaged in an unavoidable and impelling interaction with the others. The audience is witness to a constant discussion in which the tone changes depending on how much each performer wants to give, take or give up. 
Initiator: Mijin Kim | 2017

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Ms. Mon

Behold Ms.Mon, the chimera that appears through the blurred waves. A fantasy, a mythical creature, a concept composed of many pictures. Ms.Mon is the short name that TachoTinta gives to the hidden being who drives their movement and molds their ideas. The choreographers and dancers Sooyeon Kim, Seulki Hwang, and Silvia Ehnis delve into the limits of their physicality to conjure up and share their own and personal Ms. Mon with the audience. They are looking for this moment when the audience gets carried away by Ms. Mon and recognize her other side, the one that stands for her own daydreaming.
Initiator: Sooyeon Kim | 2017

Photo from choreography "haptic" from dance company TachoTinta - Screenshot


A game for four dancers and the audience to awaken the skin.  Both performers and audience are taken through a physical experience of the sense of touch. It is a constant stimulation of one´s bodily intuition to closeness or separation, touching while being touched, and thinking about touching before it even happens. 
Initiator: Silvia Ehnis | 2016

Photo from choreography "4self" from dance company TachoTinta - Screenshot


An identity crisis, communication problems with others with oneself are the motive of this choreography. The four perspectives of the personality and behavioral characteristics that make up people explained by the Johari-Fenster – public, secret, blind spot and unknown – are the ground for this dance-video performance for four dancers.
Initiator: Mijin Kim | 2016

Foto 16 free willies - TachoTinta

16 free willies

An instant-composition score for 16 dancers and DJ. Each artist has a specific task for the group, but it is up to the group to give enough space and attention for this singularities. 
Initiator: Silvia Ehnis | 2016

Photo from dance project "Solo para los Presentes" from TachoTinta. © Silvia Ehnis 2015

Solo para lospresentes

A dance solo inspired on the absence of the physical presence of the family after someone takes the decision to leave his or her homeland.
Initiator: Silvia Ehnis & Maximiliano Estudies | 2015

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Liquid Rondo

An improvisation for sound and movement, where the musical and dance structures of the Rondo are being stretched and varied. The performers play with shared elements of the interdisciplinary improvisation such as spatiality, several layers in the perception, common ground and self-determination, different possibilities for beginning and ending, a theme and its variations. 
Initiator: Silvia Ehnis & Lukas Keller | 2015

Cooperation Projects

Photo © Dirk Rose - TachoTinta in Feldstärke, project "Bau dich ein"

Bau dich ein

Workshop & Installation
“Lebst du noch oder funktionierst du schon?”
A workshop for you to discover your functionality as furniture.

Foto Wyst Studies 5 Bunker © Jule Guder - Works

Wyst Studies Series #5


Musik: Jonas Vollmer
Tanz: Silvia Ehnis
Mediale Künste: Chantal Bergemann
Music: wyst (David Heiß-Trumpet, Joel Jaffe-Electrnics und Synths, Fabian Knab-Bass, Jonas Vollmer-drums)
Tanz: Tacho Tinta (Silvia Ehnis, Seulki Hang,  Mijin Kim)
Camera: Chantal Bergemann
Bild: Chantal Bergemann
Ton: Patrick Leuchter (Hidden Track Studio)