A production of TachoTinta in collaboration with Thomas Wansing | 2016 

Duration: 10 min.

Concept |Silvia Ehnis
Performance | Mijin Kim, Sooyeon Kim, Mirjam Schirk , Silvia Ehnis
Piano | Thomas Wansing

A game for four dancers and the audience to awaken the skin.  Both performers and audience are taken through a physical experience of the sense of touch. It is a constant stimulation of the own’s body intuition to closeness or separation, touching while being touched, and thinking about touching before it even happens. 

Premiere | 8.7.16 in Studiotheater ZZT (Cologne, Germany)

Other presentations | 16. Kölner Theaternacht in Kulturbunker Mülheim (Cologne, Germany)

Video documentation from Studiotheater ZZT