Re: moment

A production of TachoTinta in cooperation with Benjamin Grau | 2017
Supported by Tanzfaktur and ZAIK

Duration: 15 min. /  30 min. 

Concept | Mijin Kim
Creation & Performance | Mijin Kim, Seulki Hwang, Silvia Ehnis
Composition | Benjamin Grau
Recorded Cello | Rebekka Stephan

Three bodies and a 10-meter rope: a system in a fragile equilibrium Each performer is exposed to her own body, her weight, her strength, and her will, engaged in an unavoidable and impelling interaction with the others. The audience is witness to a constant discussion in which the tone changes depending on how much each performer wants to give, take or give up.

15 min Version 

Preview | 5.8.2017 at Podest #15 Festival in Zentrum für Urbane Kunst, Zeche 1 (Bochum, Germany)
international Premiere | 9.9.2017 at 19. Daegu International Dance Festival in Daegu Dance Center Theater  (Daegu, South Korea)
Premiere in Germany | 8.10.2017 at Rheinfach Festival in Tanzfaktur (Cologne, Germany)

Other Festivals | Input Cheongju International Dance Festival in Cheongju Arts Center Theater (Cheongju, South Korea), 17. Kölner Theaternacht in Orangerie – Theater im Volksgarten (Cologne, Germany)

30 min Version

Premiere | 8.12.2017 at Made in Köln Festival in Orangerie – Theater im Volksgarten (Cologne, Germany)

Other dates |  5.6.2018 at Konzertsaal, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (Cologne, Germany)

Video Documentation from Konzertsaal HfMT Köln 2018